Cost of living payments will be given to millions


The government is going to give the money to eligible families over the following 2 weeks, from June 20 to July 4.

Those who qualify for assistance are not required to initiate any steps because the payout is made immediately.

It comes after a September cost-of-living adjustment for disabled people.

The first purpose of cost-of-living payments was to assist suffering households with the rising price of gas and electricity.

Although they were not specifically planned for these expenses, families were always free to use the funds however they saw necessary.

The government has also recently provided cost-of-living funds to low-income families and retirees.

Additionally, from October and March, all home energy costs were reduced by at least £400; however, there aren’t any intentions to repeat this process the following winter.

Prices are out of control, and last year saw the highest inflation rates in 40 years, which has harmed the finances of families.

In April, food costs in the UK increased at the quickest rate in almost 45 years, with basics like sugar, milk, and spaghetti seeing significant increases.

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