Deadline Approaching for Amending 2019 Oklahoma State Income Tax Returns, Warns Oklahoma Tax Commission

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The deadline for making amendments is approaching on July 17 of this year.

Oklahoma State Income Tax Returns
Oklahoma State Income Tax Returns ( Photo: Gadsden Times )

Oklahomans are being reminded by the OTC that time is running out to make changes or corrections to their accepted 2019 Oklahoma State Income Tax Returns

This deadline has been set in alignment with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which allows a limited window of three years from the original filing deadline for individuals to submit an amended return. The OTC advises taxpayers to take note of this deadline and act promptly if they need to make any modifications to their tax returns.

The Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) has provided a simple two-step process for filing an amended return in Oklahoma. First, individuals should download the appropriate form for their tax year, either Form 511 for residents or Form 511NR for nonresidents and part-year residents. They must then complete the necessary information on the forms accurately and thoroughly.

Once the forms are filled out, they should be mailed to the designated address provided by the OTC

The commission also encourages taxpayers with any questions about these filings or the deadline for amended tax returns to utilize the online platform for submitting inquiries.

It is crucial for Oklahomans who need to make changes to their 2019 state income tax returns to be aware of the approaching deadline and take the necessary steps to ensure compliance. Failure to file an amended return within the specified timeframe may result in penalties or other legal consequences.


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