Eligible Recipients To Get Up To $1,500 Direct Payments – Check Eligibility Here!

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Eligible recipients from some states will get up to $1,500 in direct payments.

$1,500 Direct Payments
Eligible recipients from some states will get up to $1,500 in direct payments. (Photo: Marca)

Eligible Recipients from Different States Will Receive Up To $1,500 in Direct Payments

Some eligible recipients from different states, including Georgia, Maine, New Jersey, and New Mexico, will expect to receive direct payments of $1,500 depending on where the recipients live, their annual income, or their status.

Eligible recipients in Georgia must file an income tax return for 2021 until April 18 and check the status of their direct payment here if they receive $250 for single filers, $375 for household filers, and $500 for married couple filers.

For eligible recipients residing in Maine, the individual filers will receive $450, while married couple filers will get $900 by March 31, and if they experience delays, they can email [email protected] to relay their concerns.

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Several Eligible Recipients Encouraged to Apply for Direct Payments

Aside from Georgia and Maine, there are some eligible recipients who will receive up to $1,500, wherein homeowners from Georgia who have $150,000 income and below will get $1,500, while individuals who have an annual income of $150,001 to $250,000 will get $1,000 in direct payments.

For eligible recipients in New Mexico, they will get $500 payments for individual filers while $1,000 for joint filers who have successfully filed their 2021 income tax return until May 31, 2024, Washington Examiner reported.

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