Estimates for the Social Security COLA in 2024 increased in a surprising turn

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Finally, there is good news for Social Security participants: on Wednesday, the prediction for a rise for the following year was slightly raised, even though the government reported that inflation continued to decline in June.

After peaking at 9.1% in June 2022, annual inflation dropped to 3% in June, compared to 4% in May. Additionally, it was the lowest rise since March 2021, primarily as a result of a 16.7% drop in energy prices. Despite being down from May’s 6.7% annual rise, food prices rose by 5.7%. Rents, which are included in the shelter, increased 7.8% over the previous year, which was still less than May’s 8% increase.

Individuals are usually happy to see lower inflation since their ability to buy is returning. However, Social Security beneficiaries, who are utilized to seeing their prospective cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) drop with slower inflation, received an added surprise that was unique.

The Senior Citizens League, a nonprofit organization for seniors, predicts that COLA will be 3% next year. This is higher than last month’s prediction of a 2.7% rise for 2024 but significantly lower than the 4-decade peak of 8.7% COLA in 2023.

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