Exciting News: $1312 Stimulus Checks on the Way – Find Out Who’s Eligible!

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The Department of Revenue will send Alaskans stimulus payments of up to $1312 in the coming days. Receiving this stimulus check requires being eligible for the 2023 Permanent Fund Dividend and not receiving any earlier dividends. Those completing these requirements will receive payouts this week.

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The Power of Economic Stimulus Measures in Times of Crisis

Economic stimuli are government-led efforts to promote activity and offset downturns. These measures boost spending, investment, and economic growth by pumping funds into the economy. Tax incentives, direct payments to individuals or households, and increased government investment in infrastructure or social programs are typical stimulus measures.

Stimulus measures aim to boost consumer confidence, prevent job losses, and support businesses during recessions or crises like the COVID-19 epidemic. Stimulus measures shape the economy and help people and businesses overcome hardship by promoting economic recovery, and financial stability, and lessening the negative effects of economic downturns.

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Alaska Stimulus Update: Eligibility Criteria and Deadline for 2024 Fund Dividend Applications

A check will be issued on January 18 to “Eligible-Not Paid” individuals who haven’t received their 2023 payment by January 10. Additional requirements include an intention to stay in Alaska indefinitely and a clean background without felony convictions.

Alaska Department of Revenue Commissioner Adam Crum emphasized the 2023 Permanent Fund Dividend, the 42nd year Alaskans have received their natural resource income. Crum thanked the Permanent Fund Dividend Division for their year-round program administration and application processing.

Applicants for the 2024 Permanent Fund Dividend can apply until March 31, 2024. Residents can apply online or via paper.

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