Explore the Lavish ‘Dr No’ Yacht of the Late Tech Tycoon Behind Google and Amazon’s Rise

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The Japanese Fisheries training ship Wakachiba became the ‘Dr. No’ yacht in 1995, owned by late American millionaire Thomas Perkins, a Google and Amazon investor. Although less luxurious than megayachts or superyachts, the vessel, refitted in 2011, has a rich history and true sailing experience.

Photo from Google

The Transformation of Dr. No Yacht

The boat was dubbed Dr. No by Perkins, perhaps after James Bond’s Dr. Julius No. Within six months, Philippines-based HYS Yachts turned the ship into a luxury yacht. The boat preserved its ocean-cruising capabilities after the makeover.

The mezzanine was renovated into a large master bedroom with a king-size bed, casual dining, an owner’s study, and a library. The yacht has five staterooms, a laundry room, a ship’s office, a beauty salon, and a film production space for eight guests. Dr. No has a dive room and storage for long cruises for six crew members.

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Dr. No Yacht’s Extravagant Features and Seafaring Heritage

The 120-foot yacht has a submarine, toys, and tenders for scientific trips. It has 45,000 L of gasoline, a 10-knot cruising speed, and a 12-knot top speed.

The late Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers co-founder Thomas Perkins owned Dr. No. Perkins invested early in Google and Amazon, helping Silicon Valley expand. Perkins owned the 289-foot “Maltese Falcon,” the world’s largest clipper boat, and loved yachting. Their expensive lifestyle reflected his intention to pursue humpback whales in Tonga for research.

Thomas Perkins, valued at $8 billion in 2012, died in 2016. His legacy includes tech industry achievements and a fleet of extraordinary yachts, including Dr. No, representing true seafaring.

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