Florida Gas Prices Surge by 8 Cents, Reaching $3.69 Per Gallon in Latest Increase

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As Of Sunday, the state’s Average stands at $3.69 per gallon, reflecting an 8-cent surge compared to the previous week.

Florida Gas Prices Surge by 8 Cents
Florida Gas Prices Surge by 8 Cents ( Photo: The Street )

Florida gas prices saw a notable increase over the past week, aligning with earlier expectations

Mark Jenkins, Spokesperson for AAA, The Auto Club Group, the tightening global fuel supplies are exerting upward pressure on both oil prices and subsequently, gasoline costs. this surge in Florida gas prices can be attributed to OPEC’s reductions in oil production, which have led to a strengthening of crude oil prices over the past month.

While Sunday’s state average remains 16 cents below this year’s peak of $3.85 per gallon, the current cost means that Florida drivers are paying an average of $55 to fill a standard-sized gas tank. This is nearly $3 less than the expenses incurred during the peak of Florida gas Prices in 2023.


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In terms of specific metro markets, West Palm Beach-Boca Raton, Naples, and Gainesville have the Highest Florida gas prices at $3.84, $3.74, and $3.72 per gallon respectively

On the other hand, Panama City, Pensacola, and Crestview-Fort Walton Beach offer more affordable Florida gas prices at $3.49, $3.51, and $3.51 per gallon respectively. In light of these increases it’s recommended that residents adopt strategies to mitigate the costs, such as combining errands to limit driving time, seeking out the best Florida gas prices, and playing with cash to avoid extra charges. Additionally, removing excess weight from the vehicle, driving conservatively, and enrolling in savings programs can all contribute to improved fuel economy. For more information and to stay updated on Florida gas prices, Consumers can utilize the AAA mobile app and Gas Cost Calculator, available at AAA.com.


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