Florida Lottery Numbers: Sunday Drawing Sees No Winners, Two Powerball Victors Celebrate $1 Million Wins

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This followed a prosperous Saturday where two Powerball players clinched $1 million each.

Florida Lottery Numbers
Florida Lottery Numbers ( Photo: AS USA – Diario AS )

In the latest Florida Lottery numbers drawings held on Sunday, no lucky winners emerged, with the exception of Cash Pop

These winning Florida Lottery numbers tickets were sold at a Publix store in Manalapan and The Villages. The Florida Lottery numbers games featured on Sunday encompassed Cash4Life, Cash Pop, and Fantasy 5. Cash4Life, a multi-state contest, offers players the chance to secure lifelong rewards with favorable odds.

For a mere $2, participants aim to match five white balls (ranging from 1 to 60) and the Cash Ball (ranging from 1 to 4) for a grand prize of $1,000 every day for life. Even matching only the five white balls guarantees a second prize of $1,000 per week for life.

Fantasy 5, a daily Florida Lottery numbers drawing game, promises a top prize of around $100,000 if won by a sole victor

In the absence of a top-prize winner, the reward trickles down to the 4-of-5 and 3-of-5 prize tiers. Florida Lottery numbers tickets are available at a cost of $1 each. In the event of no top prize winner, the top prize fund is distributed evenly among those who select four out of the five numbers, with a maximum individual prize of $555.

Cash Pop provides players an opportunity to secure prizes as high as $1,250 by matching a single number. Players can pick Florida Lottery numbers from 1 to 15, with the option of selecting up to 15 numbers. The cash prize depends on the chosen amount to play per number: $1, $2, or $5. Additionally, players can opt for up to 10 consecutive draws.


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