Food stamps: a single state attempting to expand EBT program participation

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Following the Texas state Legislature passed a bill last week altering valuations for automobiles used by Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, users, extra Texans from low-income families may be eligible for food stamps.

According to a person’s earnings, family size, and nationality, SNAP payments are determined. The worth of a family’s automobiles, yet, might prevent them from getting benefits under existing Texas law. Suppose Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) signs House Bill 1287 into law. In that case, the highest possible value of the main car before becoming ineligible for food assistance will suffer a one-time inflation update.

At present, applicants are limited to a primary vehicle worth $15,000 and a total automobile value of $4,650. Based on the Texas Tribune, those limitations haven’t changed for the main car after 2001 as well as for extra vehicles since 1974.

As per a Feeding Texas report, over 11,000 Texas families have rejected SNAP assistance in 2019 and 54,740 families were refused benefits in 2022 because of the value of their vehicles.

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