Galveston Voters Approve Sales Tax Proposition To Fund Economic Development

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Galveston voters approved a sales tax proposition that will fund the economic development of the island.

Galveston voters approved a sales tax proposition to fund the island’s economic development. (Photo: Coastal News Today)

Galveston Voters Approve Proposition for Economic Development

During the process, almost 77 percent of Galveston voters reportedly have given their go signal to implement the recent sales tax proposition so that there will be more funds for the island’s economic development.

Galveston voters consider the future benefits of approving the proposition in building, maintaining, and renovating several infrastructure projects on the island that will benefit all the residents.

According to the Galveston mayor Craig Brown, officials ensure the Galveston voters that the funds from the sales tax revenue will go to various corporations, such as Industrial Development Corp., to fund local projects, The Daily News reported.

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Galveston Voters To Expect Economic Development

Even before the Galveston voters approved the proposition, officials were already doing their best to collect funds to support build several infrastructures on the island for economic development.

For the past 15 years, there have been evident improvements in the infrastructure in Galveston, including the construction of various sports facilities and complexes, street markets, community pools, and other local projects funded through appropriate grants.

With the numerous previous projects, the Galveston voters who supported the proposition will expect a better economy on the island.

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