Hannah Williams: TikTok Finance Expert Revolutionizes Salary Transparency, Advocates for Fair Pay and Income Equality

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With over 1.2 million followers, the 26-year-old Hannah Williams CEO of Salary Transparent Street aims to bridge income disparities, especially for women, people of color, and minorities.

Hannah Williams
Hannah Williams ( Photo: Washington Post )

Gen Z finance expert Hannah Williams has become a prominent voice on TikTok, discussing work culture and advocating for salary transparency

Hannah Williams’s viral videos often feature her approaching strangers on the street, asking about their occupations and salaries, a topic many find uncomfortable. Hannah Williams’s mission began after she realized she had been underpaid in her previous job as a senior data analyst, prompting her to research market rates and negotiate better pay in subsequent roles.

Since starting Salary Transparent Street, Hannah Williams has traveled extensively across the United States and Canada, encouraging conversations about salaries and job sectors. The information gathered revealed interesting patterns, such as people below 40 being more open to sharing salary details and women being more likely to share than men.

TikTok’s reach has been instrumental in Hannah Williams’s success, as her videos reach millions, sparking conversations about pay among viewers

The platform has also given Hannah Williams a platform to testify in support of the Pay Range Act, highlighting the impact of social media in advocacy.

Hannah Williams hopes to revolutionize salary transparency further by developing a searchable and filterable database with real-time salary information from over 5,000 users across the country. Hannah Williams’s ultimate ambition is to take her on-the-street videos to different countries in Europe and Asia, recognizing that salary transparency is a global issue.

Williams aims to empower her community to advocate for fair pay and take control of their financial futures.


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