How Much of the $400 billion in misplaced or lost stimulus funds was yours?

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The federal government was permitted to allocate over five trillion dollars to people, corporations, nonprofit organizations, and state and municipal governments through the three pandemic-relief stimulus packages.

A portion of the money was destined to get misplaced in a rush with that much money moving hands so rapidly. In this instance, “some” ended up being, give or make some hundred million, around $403 billion.

About 10% of the $4.2 trillion that has been spread to date has been lost through inefficiency, poor management, and outright theft. That amounts to just around half a trillion dollars in lost tax money, the majority of which is irrecoverable.

The federal government allocated $5.1 trillion in immediate relief measures, based on to the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee, of which $3.2 trillion was spent under President Trump and $1.9 trillion under President Biden.

Of that amount, almost one-fifth has not yet been distributed.

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