In Achieving Financial Stability, Price Hike of U.S. Postal Service stamps to occur soon. Here’s what to expect

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The increase in prices for the U.S. Postal Services’ stamps and services will begin this July 9 due to rising operation costs brought by inflation.  

Reasons behind the Price Increase

According to USPS, the said price adjustments are required for the Postal Service to provide much-needed revenue to achieve the 10-year plan to achieve financial stability in ‘Delivering for America’. 


The USPS also stated that the said increase is due to the rising operating costing brought by the immense inflation according to an article in USA Today.

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Products and Services that will Increase in Cost:

The price hike will include a 3-cent increase in the ‘Forever’ stamps, a first-class mail stamp, from 63 cents to 66 cents.


To add, the cost of sending a domestic postcard will increase to 51 cents and the sending of an international 1-ounce letter will rise to $1.50.

US Postage stamps through the years / Getty -AARP



Luckily, some prices remained unchanged, such as the cost of a single-piece letter as well as a flat-additional ounce at 24 cents.


To Know More…

For further information regarding the complete list of postal service price filing and the prices for all their products just visit the Postal Regulatory Commission‘s Website. 

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