Industry-Leading Company UPS, Southern Company, and Enbridge Showcase Resilience in Providing High-Yield Dividends

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Despite revenue adjustments, UPS remains committed to a dividend payout of $5.4 billion and $3 billion in share repurchases.

Industry-Leading Company UPS, Southern Company, and Enbridge Showcase Resilience
Industry-Leading Company UPS, Southern Company, and Enbridge Showcase Resilience ( Photo: Zee Business )

Industry-leading company United Parcel Service (UPS) is navigating challenging end markets in 2023, marked by a slowing economy and disruptive labor negotiations

The industry-leading company focuses on strategic investments in small and medium-sized businesses and healthcare, as well as productivity-enhancing initiatives like smart packaging facilities, poised to enhance profitability when the market rebounds. Investors can currently enjoy a sustainable 4% dividend yield.

Southern Company, another industry-leading company, boasts a 76-year track record of rewarding shareholders, consistently providing dividends equal to or higher than the previous year. With 87% of operating revenue from regulated businesses, Southern Company’s dividend yield stands at an attractive 4.1%. The industry-leading company recently launched Vogtle Unit 3, a new nuclear plant in Georgia, with plans for further expansion, contributing to its goal of achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Enbridge, an industry-leading company operator in pipeline and infrastructure assets, recently made headlines with its $14 billion acquisition of three natural gas utilities

This strategic move is expected to bolster free cash flow and support future dividend increases. Despite a high valuation and increased debt, Enbridge, an industry-leading company maintains a long-term goal of achieving sustainable growth, targeting a 60% to 70% payout range of distributable cash flow and overall annual growth of 5% or higher post-acquisition in 2025. With a 7.8% dividend yield, Enbridge, an industry-leading company remains an attractive option for investors seeking substantial dividends.


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