IRS Hiring: Offers Special Agents Up To $95,000 Annual Salary


The recent IRS hiring for special agents offers up to $95,000 annual salary.

IRS hiring
The recent Internal Revenue Service (IRS) hiring for special agents offer up to $95,000 annual salary. (Photo: Slay News)

IRS Hiring of Special Agents for Criminal Investigation Branch

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) hiring of special agents will determine who will work under the agency’s law enforcement or Criminal Investigation branches with an annual salary from $52,921 to $94,228.

According to the Baller Alert report, the recently opened IRS hiring for the Criminal Investigation branch will hire eligible special agents that mainly focus on investigating several tax-related crimes and will be authorized to use force if needed.

The special agents hired during the IRS hiring process will be required to work at least 50 hours every week and be on call even during weekends and vacations in case of emergencies.

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What To Know About the IRS Hiring

The recent IRS hiring is open to all special agents who are US citizens aged 21 to 37 and have the right knowledge and skills when it comes to accounting and law enforcement so they will be fit and will be able to respond to several life-threatening events.

The IRS hiring information contains applicants to be allowed to carry and use firearms legally to be prepared in several situations to protect themselves and others, as they are the only employees of the IRS that are permitted to do so.

The IRS is still looking for special agents to fill 360 vacant positions.

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