Kia Job Hiring Offers 200 Additional Georgia Workers With $38,000 Annual Salary To Produce Electric Vehicles

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Kia job hiring offered 200 additional workers in Georgia with a $38,000 annual salary to produce electric vehicles.

Kia Job Hiring
Kia job hiring offered 200 additional workers in Georgia with a $38,000 annual salary to produce electric vehicles. (Photo: 11Alive)

Additional Workers in Georgia to Expect $38,000 Annual Salary to Produce Electric Vehicles Following Kia Job Hiring

Under the Kia job hiring, 200 additional workers in Georgia will expect a $38,000 annual salary if their application is accepted during the Kia job hiring, wherein the additional workers will be assigned to produce electric vehicles in a Georgia factory, where the South Korean company also invested $200 million before opening the Kia job hiring.

The Kia job hiring aims to accept more workers following the plan to transition from traditional vehicles to electric vehicles as the Kia job hiring will help in expanding the number of individuals to work on producing electric vehicles.

Following the Kia job hiring, the workers will expect to undergo training to prepare themselves for the kind of work waiting for them and will also receive salary increases as time goes by with Kia job hiring ensuring many benefits, WABE reported.

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Kia Job Hiring Continues Despite Georgia Governor Claims That the Electric Vehicles Will Only Hurt the Company

Despite Kia job hiring aiming to provide work to 200 people, the Georgia Governor claimed that the Kia job hiring should not continue because producing electric vehicles will only hurt the company.

Even after the Kia job hiring announcement, the company will still not completely benefit from producing electric vehicles because there are other things to consider first before the vehicles produced become eligible for vehicle tax credits.

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