Life Expectancy in Texas Reveals Stark Disparities and Declining Trends, New Report Shows


A study conducted using the 2022 County Health Rankings & Roadmaps from the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute has identified the counties with the shortest life expectancy in Texas.

Life Expectancy in Texas
Life Expectancy in Texas ( Photo: AS USA – Dario AS )

Life expectancy in Texas has been a topic of concern as recent data shows certain counties in the state have lower life expectancies compared to the statewide average

Collingsworth County was ranked as the county with the lowest life expectancy in the state, with an average of 72 years. Red River County followed closely with the same life expectancy. Both counties have life expectancies 6.4 years below the statewide average of 78.4 years.

The study also revealed that certain factors contribute to the lower life expectancies in these counties. Health outcomes statewide rank, length of life rank, and quality of life rank were taken into account. Collingsworth County, despite having the lowest life expectancy, had relatively high health outcomes statewide ranking at 136, while Red River County ranked at 243.

Other counties with significantly lower life expectancies included Brooks County, Crockett County, Martin County, Donley County, and Polk County

These counties all had life expectancies ranging from 72.1 to 72.5 years, which is 5.9 to 6.3 years below the statewide average. Socioeconomic and environmental factors such as access to healthcare, substance abuse treatments, clean air, clean water, and affordable housing are known to influence overall health and well-being. These factors likely contribute to the disparities observed in life expectancies among different counties in Texas.

The study emphasizes the importance of addressing these disparities and implementing targeted interventions to improve the health outcomes and quality of life in the counties with lower life expectancies. By focusing on improving healthcare access, promoting healthier lifestyle choices, and addressing socioeconomic factors, it may be possible to raise life expectancies and enhance the well-being of the population in these areas.


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