Man who shouted “I can’t inhale” while the CHP held him will receive $24 million from California

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According to the family’s lawyers, California is willing to offer $24 million to the loved ones of an individual who expired after screaming “I can’t breathe” as police held him to the floor and attempted to collect his blood after a traffic stop.

The tragic dispute in March 2020 occurred just a few months before George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police after repeating the same words to them over twenty times. But it would take another 2 years for footage of Edward Bronstein’s last moments at an Altadena California Highway Patrol maintenance yard to surface.

A 38-year-old Burbank citizen named Bronstein was killed, and 7 CHP officials and a nurse were accused of manslaughter for their involvement with his passing.

According to Eric Dubin, 1 of them of the lawyers defending Bronstein’s household members, the $24 million agreement, that will end an illegal death action that was scheduled for a trial this year, reflects the biggest civil rights agreement in the history of the state and the second-biggest in the country after the $27 million agreement in Floyd’s passing.

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