Maryland Residents To Receive SNAP Benefits Of Up To $1,691 In July – Check Eligibility Here!

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Eligible residents in Maryland will expect to receive SNAP benefits of up to $1,691 in July.

SNAP Benefits
Eligible residents in Maryland will expect to receive SNAP benefits of up to $1,691 in July. (Photo: Fox Baltimore)

Hundreds of Residents in Maryland Will Receive SNAP Benefits of Up to $1,691 in July

Almost 800 thousand eligible residents in Maryland will expect to receive their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits from July 4 until July 23, which will be a great help for them to meet their basic needs, especially food.

According to reports from Washington Examiner, eligible residents will expect an average SNAP benefit of $180 per household to help them pay for their daily food in some establishments that allow using electronic benefit transfer cards to purchase items and food.

With the SNAP benefits, eligible residents can also use them to grow seeds of fruits and vegetables to get food directly from what they have worked on inside their households.

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Eligible Residents in Maryland Will Get SNAP Benefits for July Depending on Their Annual Income

Following the announcement, eligible residents in Maryland are encouraged to apply for the SNAP benefits for July, wherein a household of one should have a maximum income of $18,954 yearly, and a household of five should only have a maximum income of $45,682 annually.

Although eligible residents can use the SNAP benefits for groceries, they cannot use the benefits for purchasing non-food items, including alcohol, medicines, and cigarettes.


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