Medicaid Beneficiaries Lose Coverage Following The End Of Pandemic Protections In Several States


Several Medicaid beneficiaries lost their coverage following the end of the pandemic protections in various states.

Medicaid Beneficiaries
Several Medicaid beneficiaries lost their coverage following the end of the pandemic protections in several states. (Photo: Route Fifty)

Former Medicaid Beneficiaries Lose Healthcare Coverage After Pandemic Protections Ended

Several former Medicaid beneficiaries lost their healthcare coverage after the pandemic protections in various states ended following the normal processes of checking eligibility in the program.

After the pandemic protections ended, several states resumed checking all the requirements of Medicaid beneficiaries and if they had not completed the paperwork, they would be automatically dropped from the Medicaid beneficiaries’ list, which led to millions of beneficiaries losing their healthcare coverage.

According to reports from News Medical, although several states would save funds by disqualifying other Medicaid beneficiaries, more residents will end up not affording their medical assistance and needs after losing healthcare coverage.

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Eligible Medicaid Beneficiaries Who Lost Their Coverage Can Still Get Their Healthcare Coverage Back

Following the large number of Medicaid beneficiaries who lost their coverage, the administration presented ways to ensure that eligible beneficiaries who only lost their coverage due to incomplete paperwork would get their coverage back.

Some states announced that Medicaid beneficiaries still eligible for the benefits would be given 90 days to take care of the incomplete paperwork and get their coverage back, especially those with no other means of accessing healthcare coverage.

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