Medicaid Recipients to Lose Coverage Over ‘Work Requirements’ Proposal

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Some Medicaid recipients will lose health care coverage if they do not meet the proposed “work requirements.”

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy
Medicaid recipients will lose coverage if they do not meet the proposed “work requirements.” (Photo: Greenwich Time)

Work Requirements for Medicaid Recipients

According to reports, over 10 million Medicaid recipients will be subjected to the proposed “work requirements, a proposal under a bill to resolve national debt and spending issues.

Medicaid recipients usually are low-income individuals, who don’t have work requirements, and it would be hard for them if the proposed plan were implemented, the Huff Post reported.

The Republicans claimed that the proposed “work requirements” that will cut federal health budgets would greatly help save billions and help the Medicaid recipients learn more skills during the training and volunteering program.

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Medicaid Recipients Will Lose Health Care Coverage

With the proposed “work requirements,” Medicaid recipients ages 18 to 55 can retain their health care coverage if they work 20 hours per week by training or volunteering in their school, work, or community.

However, Medicaid recipients who cannot fulfill the requirements and do not work enough hours will lose their coverage regardless of their status.

The proposed “work requirements” would also cut the number of recipients by 2.2 million each year.  With its implementation, millions of individuals will lose their right to receive healthcare benefits.

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