Medicaid Work Requirements Unlikely To Pass After Possible Implications

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The Medicaid work requirements will unlikely pass after possible implications.

Medicaid work requirements
The Medicaid work requirements will unlikely pass after possible implications. (Photo: The Conversation)

Should Medicaid Work Requirements Be Passed into Law?

The Medicaid work requirements will require recipients aged 19 to 55 without other dependents to work, train, or join community services for 80 hours a month to be eligible for the monthly payments.

According to the proposed Medicaid work requirements, recipients who fail to comply or adapt to the new requirements would lose their Medicaid coverage despite being recipients for a long time, Yahoo News reported.

With these possible implications, the Medicaid work requirements reportedly will unlikely pass this year or in 2024 due to the major effect on millions of Medicaid recipients and the state’s debt ceiling.

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Possible Implications of Medicaid Work Requirements to Millions of Recipients

Unlike the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and other programs, Medicaid does not have any work requirements, but the recently proposed Medicaid work requirements would require approximately 15 million recipients, including the disabled and older people, to complete paperwork and spend time working, just to retain their coverage.

Unfortunately, some experts predicted that an estimated 1.7 million recipients would lose their coverage when the proposed Medicaid work requirements are passed due to failure to comply and fulfill the work requirements.

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