Millennial couple’s $64,000 education debt prevents them from having children since their $125,000 salary “doesn’t seem enough,” they claim

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Even if I earn 6 figures, Kelly declares, “I continue to feel like I will not progress.”

Kelly and her spouse appear to have a plan in place. The young couple hopes to put a couple of thousand dollars per month into their pension plans and liquid savings account. They reside completely in upstate New York, purchased a home in 2020 before the property market went crazy, and live within their budget.

Kelly works from home in a job she enjoys, earning a big city wage while staying in a region with an average cost of living. The couple is putting off starting a family, like a lot of millennials, and they don’t know whether they ever can.

I don’t even wish to plan to begin a family, Kelly answers when asked about it. Justify their entire student loan burden. “I am hesitant to start saving for my kids’ student loans as I’m continuing to pay off my own,” she said.

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