Milwaukee Should Maintain Police And Fire Services, Or It Would Lose Millions Of Dollars

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Under the new funding law of Wisconsin, Milwaukee would lose millions of dollars of state funding if the city cannot maintain police and fire services as a requirement that comes with a nationwide worker shortage in both departments.

Milwaukee Should Maintain Police And Fire Services Or It Would Lose Millions Of Dollars
Milwaukee Should Maintain Police And Fire Services, Or It Would Lose Millions Of Dollars (Photo: Yahoo News)


Milwaukee Police Department faces challenges in recruiting and retention

Jim Palmer, Wisconsin Professional Police Association Executive Director, said it was a challenge, especially in recruiting and keeping the police officers in Milwaukee. But it was a challenge accepted because it can benefit the Milwaukee community and the police work for the state.

Milwaukee Chairman of the Public Safety and Health Committee is worried about the funding law requirements, considering the worker deficiency facing police and the financial penalty for not filling required positions in Milwaukee Police.

There are two parts of the funding law for Milwaukee to be considered, the state aid funding, known as shared revenue, and the chance to make a sales tax in Milwaukee.

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How much cost does Milwaukee stand to lose if it can’t fill the required police and fire positions?

If Milwaukee does not maintain the police and fire department and verify to the Wisconsin state that it has done so, it suffer 15% of its shared revenue in the next year2024.

Based on the total shared state revenue Milwaukee expects to receive in 2024, the loss is about $36 million, according to Milwaukee city officials.

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