Minnesota Passes Law Granting Free College Tuition to Undocumented Immigrants

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Under the program called the North Star Promise, illegal immigrants can avail themselves of this opportunity by completing a Minnesota Dream Act application.

Free College Tuition
Free College Tuition ( Photo: KXXV )

A new law recently passed in Minnesota allows undocumented immigrants residing in the state to receive free college tuition

The eligibility criteria for the program exclude students from households earning over $80,000 per year or those who have attended private schools. The initiative will be implemented starting the 2024-25 academic year and is applicable to colleges affiliated with the University of Minnesota or Minnesota State.

The introduction of this law aims to ensure equal access to educational opportunities for all individuals in Minnesota, regardless of their background or immigration status. Senator Omar Fateh, the Chairman of the Senate Higher Education Committee, expressed the state’s commitment to expanding opportunities for all Minnesotans. He emphasized the importance of providing access to education for undocumented residents, highlighting that their immigration status should not hinder their ability to pursue higher education.

This legislation has sparked discussions and debates among various groups

Supporters argue that offering free college tuition to undocumented students promotes inclusivity and provides them with a chance to contribute more to society through education. They believe that investing in the education of undocumented immigrants can ultimately benefit the state as a whole. Critics, however, express concerns about the potential financial implications of this program and its impact on taxpayer dollars.

As Minnesota pioneers this initiative, it joins a small but growing number of states that have implemented similar policies to support undocumented students in their pursuit of higher education. The decision to extend free college tuition to illegal immigrants reflects the state’s commitment to fostering diversity, equality, and educational opportunities for all its residents.


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