Minnesota Taxpayers To Receive Three Tax Reliefs Under $3 Billion Package Bill

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Eligible taxpayers in Minnesota expect three tax reliefs under a $3 billion package bill.

Minnesota $3 Billion Tax Package
Eligible taxpayers in Minnesota expect three tax reliefs under a $3 billion package bill. (Photo: MPR News)

Eligible Minnesota Taxpayers Will Expect Reliefs Following the Passing of $3 Billion Package Bill into Law

Following the passing of a $3 billion package bill into law, eligible taxpayers in Minnesota will receive reliefs, including child tax credit, tax cuts for Social Security beneficiaries, and tax deductions for several low-income families.

The three tax reliefs for eligible taxpayers will aim to reduce the increasing poverty cases in the state, wherein the Minnesota Child Tax Credit will help low-income families with children by providing $1,750 direct payments to each child.

Taxpayers eligible for Social Security benefits will expect tax cuts, wherein married couples who earned $100,000 or below can have their taxable benefits fully eliminated and will not pay any income tax for their Social Security benefits.

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Eligible Taxpayers Will Expect Reliefs, Including Tax Deductions, Under New Bill in Minnesota

Aside from the child tax credits and tax cuts in Social Security benefits, eligible taxpayers with high incomes in Minnesota will also expect tax deductions, allowing them to have itemized deductions or certain amounts of tax reduction.

However, taxpayers who earned over $200,000 will not be entitled to the full tax deductions and will only expect 80% of tax deductions, Star Tribune reported.

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