Montgomery, Illinois Offers $75 One-Time Payment in Property Tax Rebate Program

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Montgomery, Illinois residents have the opportunity to apply for a $75 one-time payment, available through two different methods.

$75 One-Time Payment in Property Tax Rebate Program
$75 One-Time Payment in Property Tax Rebate Program ( Photo: CBS 58 )

The village is offering this one-time payment as a property tax rebate, a tradition upheld since 2015

This year, eligible homeowners can choose to receive the one-time payment as a credit towards their village utility bills or as a paper check, which they are free to use as they see fit. The application process can be completed online at, but the deadline for submissions is December 29.

Montgomery, Illinois is not alone in providing rebates to its residents. In Arizona, families throughout the state have the chance to receive a one-time payment of up to $750. This initiative is part of the state’s distribution of a portion of its $2 billion budget surplus, benefitting approximately 740,000 families. The specific amount granted to each family is determined by factors such as the number and age of dependents. Even the smallest eligible family can expect to receive a $100 one-time payment.

Virginia residents, whether filing individually or jointly, are also in line for tax rebates

Single filers can receive $200, while joint filers can anticipate $400. Recipients need not take any additional steps, as the rebates will be sent automatically. For those who filed their 2022 tax return before July, the rebate will arrive no later than November 30. As a separate development, individuals across the nation may also be receiving a one-time payment from Capital One, and it’s worth checking if you’re entitled to any settlement from a background check company.


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