Mystery Surrounds Margaret Lomax’s $120,000 Disappearance in Cross-Bank Transfer Ordeal

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In a perplexing turn of events, Margaret Lomax, a resident of Arizona, faced a financial nightmare after selling her California home.

Mystery Surrounds Margaret Lomax's $120,000 Disappearance in Cross-Bank Transfer Ordeal
Mystery Surrounds Margaret Lomax’s $120,000 Disappearance in Cross-Bank Transfer Ordeal ( Photo: AZ Family )

Margaret Lomax intended to secure her life savings by transferring $120,000 from her Farmers & Merchants Bank account to her Citibank account

Margaret Lomax recounted the shocking moment when she attempted to use her Citibank debit card, but it was unexpectedly declined. A swift check of her Citibank account revealed the entire sum she had just deposited was mysteriously missing. Despite evidence of a successful transfer, Margaret Lomax expressed her frustration, stating, “It was right there on the screen. And then poof! It just disappeared.”

The substantial amount vanished without a trace, leaving Margaret Lomax in despair. Neither Farmers & Merchants Bank nor Citibank could locate the missing funds. Lomax, distraught and on the verge of tears, shared her anguish, saying, “I’m at my wit’s end. I don’t know what to do anymore.”

A letter from Citibank arrived, declaring a violation of agreement terms and the imminent closure of Margaret Lomax’s account

Disturbingly, her daughter was informed that the money had been returned to its ‘rightful owner,’ raising concerns for Margaret Lomax. Expressing her fears, Margaret Lomax worried that her hard-earned money might have been misdirected, with someone else potentially benefiting.

Both banks are actively engaged in investigations to trace the whereabouts of Lomax’s funds, leaving her in suspense. Anxious about her retirement plans, Margaret Lomax emphasized, “I’d like my money back. I’d like to buy a home so I can live my last 20-30 years comfortably.” The resolution of this financial mystery remains uncertain as the investigation unfolds.


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