Navigating Con Edison’s Summer Energy Pricing: Tips for Saving on Your Bills


A major energy provider in New York City, Con Edison, has raised prices for the summer season. They have introduced a time-of-use surcharge to manage energy consumption during peak times. These rate changes will be in effect until September 1.

Con Edison, has raised prices for the summer season. (Photo:

Adjust Electricity Usage to Save on Bills

To save on energy bills, customers can adjust their electricity usage to different times of the day. Con Edison offers lower rates during off-peak hours, typically between midnight and 8 am on weekdays. On the other hand, rates are at least double the average during peak and super-peak times.

There are strategies to avoid the increased energy costs. For example, running large appliances like air conditioners or televisions during off-peak hours can help save money. By keeping the air conditioner on while sleeping from midnight to 8 am, the impact on energy prices will be less significant.

Using major appliances during peak and super-peak times, especially between 8 am and midnight on weekdays, will eat into energy savings. Con Edison imposes higher surcharges from 2 pm to 6 pm on weekdays.

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Reddit Community Suggests Energy-saving Tips

Community members on Reddit have also shared additional tips for reducing energy bills. Suggestions include setting timers for air conditioning, adopting solar power, using heat pumps and electric heat, and considering smaller homes.

New York City and the surrounding area have been transitioning to more renewable energy sources and reducing reliance on energy-dependent appliances. The city’s energy consumption has decreased compared to peak rates in 2018, and there has been an increase in solar power usage.

Despite these positive trends, New York still has work to do to achieve its climate goals, as the energy mix remains heavily reliant on methane. The transition away from fossil fuels has helped stabilize energy costs for customers.

Con Edison’s price increases and time-of-use surcharge aim to manage energy consumption during peak periods. Adjusting electricity usage to off-peak hours can help save on energy bills while using major appliances during peak times can lead to higher costs. New York City continues to move towards renewable energy sources, but more progress is needed to meet climate goals.

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