New Art Education Programs Expected Following Funding Increase Allocated To K-12 Curriculum


New art education programs are expected following the funding increase allocated to the K-12 curriculum.

Art Education Programs
New art education programs are expected following the funding increase allocated to the K-12 curriculum. (Photo: EdSource)

New Art Education Programs Coming to Several Schools Following Funding Increase to K-12 Curriculum

Following the funding increase to the K-12 curriculum, there will be more funds to be allocated to establish more art education programs, wherein expanded art education programs will strengthen the influence of art and the engagement of children in different schools.

With more art education programs accessible to children coming, different schools will be able to expand forms of arts, including music, visual arts, and theater and provide more educational tools, which will be a great help to meet the students’ needs who want to hone their art skills with good quality art education programs.

The funding increase for the art education programs will also help children express themselves more through art while enhancing their other skills with the new art education programs aiming to provide opportunities and expanded experiences, KQED reported.

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New Art Education Programs Will Encourage Students to Explore Creativity in Various Aspects

New art education programs will encourage students to explore their creativity more in various aspects as art is an important part of an individual’s life.

Aside from expanding the art education programs, schools will also provide affordable art education programs for students not privileged enough to afford arts as their hobbies, EdSource reported.

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