New Florida Bill To Offer $1.38 Billion Expanded Tax Package

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A new Florida bill will offer a $1.38 billion expanded tax package.

House Bill 7063
The new Florida bill, House Bill 7063, will offer shoppers a $1.38 billion expanded tax package. (Photo: CBS News)

$1.38 Billion New Florida Bill for Families

The new Florida bill (House Bill 7063) will provide a $1.38 billion expanded tax expected to help shoppers reduce the amount they spend while buying school and household supplies and save more for other future purchases.

The new Florida bill is gladly welcomed by many shoppers who are looking for ways to lessen their financial strain. Some Florida representatives claimed that individuals have been hoping also for a bill that will provide sales tax on dental items that will benefit most families, especially lower-income families, who have no means to visit dentists regularly.

The new Florida bill also aims to provide shoppers with sales tax holidays similar to Senate Bill 7062, which offers tax sales on various household items, including gas stoves, diapers, and appliances, Click Orlando reported.

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New Florida Bill Will Include Sales Tax Holidays

The Florida House representatives supported and immediately approved the proposal after seeing its possible impact on the economy and also with the hopes that the new Florida bill would reach a wider population in need.

Furthermore, the new Florida bill will also provide two 14-day sales tax holidays for shoppers with children and another one for shoppers who want to purchase household items, making the items more affordable for some.

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