New Law Offering Affordable Housing In Florida Receives Mixed Reactions

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The new law offering more affordable housing in Florida received mixed reactions.

Live Local Act
Florida’s new law offering affordable housing received mixed reactions. (Photo: Orlando Weekly)

Live Local Act Will Provide Affordable Housing in Florida

The newly signed law, “Live Local Act,” aims to provide more affordable housing in Florida using more than $700 million in funds and will allow several commercial or industrial owners to place their properties, including apartments, on any site.

According to News-Journal, the new law offering more affordable housing will prohibit local governments from implementing rules regarding the buildings’ features, such as height and density, and locations after it takes effect starting on July 1.

The new law that offers more affordable housing reportedly also stops local governments from checking the new commercial or residential buildings’ height whether they are below the highest limit or not of new buildings in the area.

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New Law Offering More Affordable Housing Received Mix Reactions

Despite offering more affordable housing in Florida, some individuals and leaders expressed mixed reactions regarding the newly signed law.

The Mayor of Ormond Beach claimed that although having more affordable housing will benefit several residents, there are other things that the Legislature should have considered before passing the new law, including the negative impacts of having no proper consultation with local governments during the process.

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