New Mexico, Illinois and Georgia Are The States Providing Stimulus Checks This Month

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When the COVID-19 pandemic was at its worst, numerous states and the federal government gave their inhabitants some kind of stimulus through the distribution of economic impact payouts.

After the Coronavirus Aid, Relief & Economic Security Act (CARES) was passed 3 years ago, nearly all stimulus funding has ceased to be given out. Due to a continuously uncertain economy as well as additional sources of financial difficulties, numerous states are still offering assistance.

New Mexico

If you live in New Mexico, you could have qualified for the Human Services Department’s Economic Relief Payments. On July 26, 2023, these payouts were made, and recipients might choose to get them as physical cheques or ACH direct transfers. 26,085 candidates who qualified as “very low-income” recipients got assistance.


Citizens of Illinois are receiving missing property checks worth up to $5,000, based on a recent article. The funds, which total about $47 million, could be made accessible to over 66,000 people. Cash or other things that may become lost over time are referred to as unclaimed property. Be on the watch for directions on how to retrieve your funds in a message from the Illinois State Treasurer’s Office.


If you live in Georgia, you should start filing your state income tax refunds for 2021 or 2022. Georgia taxpayers who filed tax returns and asked the IRS for an additional year have until October 16, 2023, to file their claims and maybe qualify for a one-time tax credit. You must owe taxes for 2021 to be eligible.

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