New Minimum Wage Pushed To $17 Per Hour: Bernie Sanders


$7.25 minimum wage has been long overdue and a $15 increases also not enough. That’s why the senate pushes it to $17 per hour as the minimum wage for the years to come.


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New Minimum Wage Pushed To $17 Per Hour: Bernie Sanders (Photo: HR Daily Advisor – BLR)

Minimum Wage Raised to $17 per hour

The $7.25 minimum wage is ancient, and a $15 dollar is medieval. Senator Bernie Sanders want the wage per hour to raise to $17 agreed by all the head of the Senate. Sanders Has fought for the increase in wages since 2009. His new bill is supported by the Senate Heads. He also stated that its embarrassing for people who works two to three jobs and just give them the bare minimum.


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His bill needs 60 votes to push through the senate. $15 were the closest they’ve ever been in 2021 when it was included in Biden’s COVID-19 budget. Even so, Sanders went to the amendment of the bill but 50 votes went against it. It might succeed in the Senate but it will stop in the Republican Controlled House.


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