New School Voucher Bill Disallowed Over Failure To Follow Formal Procedures

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After failing to follow formal procedures, a new school voucher bill was disallowed to push through.

School Voucher
A new school voucher bill was disallowed to push through after failing to follow formal procedures. (Photo: Austin American-Statesman)

House Representatives Disallow the Voting Over New School Voucher Bill

The House representatives disallowed the new school voucher bill or the Senate Bill 8 to push through after learning that the House Public Education Committee did not follow the formal procedures in presenting the bill and proceeded to the voting session.

The school voucher bill was immediately denied over failure to follow the formal process despite aiming to give several students from low-income families a voucher to help them with their financial needs.

According to the House representatives, the committee should have brought the House version of the school voucher bill before holding a formal meeting with the committee; however, they decided to present the documents only hours before the formal meeting began.

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Proposed School Voucher Bill Receives Mixed Opinions

After the House representatives disallowed the new school voucher bill, it received mixed opinions from several lawmakers and other critics, Corsicana Daily Sun reported.

Although some expressed their support for the new school voucher bill, there are also others who criticized it, including organizations of several teachers, claiming that the proposed bill would have a negative impact on the funding of public schools.

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