No Bachelor’s Degree? Check These Highest-Paying Jobs For You With Up To $80,000 A Year

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Some highest-paying jobs with up to $80,000 yearly salary accept an applicant with no bachelor’s degree.

Highest-Paying Jobs
Some highest-paying jobs, up to $80,000 a year, accept applicants with no bachelor’s degree. (Photo: CNBC)

No Bachelor’s Degree, No Problem! Earn As Much as Those Who Graduated from College

No bachelor’s degree? No problem, because you can still earn as much as those who graduated in college despite the expectations that they tend to earn more.

Having no bachelor’s degree means having no opportunity to get some of the highest-paying jobs, especially now that several companies and workplaces no longer require applicants to have a college degree.

For an applicant with no bachelor’s degree, taking college is not worth it, and they would rather work than study and finish a degree if they will just have a hard time due to financial problems, Insider reported.

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Highest-Paying Jobs with No Bachelor’s Degree Requirements

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these highest-paying jobs do not care if the applicant has no bachelor’s degree as long as they pass the application and can finish the job well.

An applicant with no bachelor’s degree can be a gambling manager with an $80,710 annual salary, a power distributor and dispatcher to earn $101,650 annually or choose to be an air traffic controller with an annual salary of $132,250.

The highest-paying jobs mentioned are just some of the jobs that accept an applicant with no bachelor’s degree.

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