Oklahoma Tax Commission: Parental Choice Tax Credit Shifts Focus Away from Tuition!

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Investigation Uncovers Misallocation of Parental Choice Tax Credit Funds

Oklahoma Tax Commission: Parental Choice Tax Credit Shifts Focus Away from Tuition! (PHOTO: Cascia Hall Preparatory School)

Oklahoma Tax Commission Validates Impact of Outstanding Obligations

After receiving emails from concerned Oklahomans, News 4 investigated how funds from the Parental Choice Tax Credit were allocated. Reports revealed that some of the money intended for children’s tuition was redirected to pay off individuals’ unpaid taxes, student loans, and other debts. The Oklahoma Tax Commission confirmed that outstanding obligations including delinquent taxes to the Oklahoma Tax Commission and debts reported to the Oklahoma Tax Commission by qualified entities could diminish the amount of the tax credit payment.

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Lawmakers Address Concerns Surrounding Parental Choice Tax Credit

According to Yahoo!News, Senator Julia Kirt of Oklahoma City voiced concerns over the lack of transparency and rushed implementation of the tax credit program. She emphasized that taxpayer money was at stake and criticized the absence of built-in mechanisms to ensure proper allocation of funds. Meanwhile, Senate President Pro Tem Greg Treat acknowledged the need for legislative amendments to address issues with the tax credit program particularly concerning back taxes. Treat introduced a bill aimed at refining the legislation, although it has yet to be heard on the Senate floor. Despite efforts to address the issues, concerns persist regarding the administration of the Parental Choice Tax Credit. As lawmakers grapple with potential amendments to the legislation, the fate of the tax credit program hangs in the balance, leaving taxpayers and families uncertain about the future of education funding in Oklahoma. News 4 reached out to the Governor’s office for comment but received no response underscoring the urgency of resolving the challenges surrounding the controversial tax credit program.

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