One ride from Uber costs a California couple $30,000


When Uber unintentionally overcharged a California couple’s combined bank account a few thousand dollars for only a single ride while they were on holiday in Central America.

Adams began the whole thing while she was in Costa Rica and used an Uber to get to the airport so she was able to catch a flight to Guatemala to see her husband.

Once Dominique Adams and Douglas Ordonez Jr. learned that Uber was asking them $30,000 in American currency rather than 30,000 Costa Rican colones, which is equivalent to roughly $55 in U.S. currency, to take a ride, they decided to cancel their plans to enjoy their 5th marriage anniversary in Guatemala.

The couple had intended to renew their marriage vows through a romantic getaway, but they ended up trapped in a distant country without any money.

Adams informed NewsNation affiliate KTLA in an interview, “I hired an Uber, things were perfect, I wasn’t thinking twice about it.

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