Oregon Unemployment Benefits Set to Increase, Paid Leave Program Introduced


These adjustments are based on the average weekly wage in the state, which has risen from $1,224.82 to $1,269.69.

Unemployment Benefits Set to Increase
Unemployment Benefits Set to Increase ( Photo: The Century Foundation )

Unemployment benefits in Oregon will see changes in the coming year, as the state’s Employment Department has established new minimum and maximum benefit levels

These rates will be in effect from July 1, 2023, until June 30, 2024. Beginning July 2, the minimum weekly benefit for new unemployment insurance claims will increase from $183 to $190 per week. Similarly, the maximum weekly benefit will rise from $783 to $813 per week. However, these changes will only impact claims filed on or after July 2. Individuals who file claims before this date will continue to receive the current benefit amounts. The minimum benefit represents 15% of the average weekly wage, while the maximum amounts to 64%. Notably, during the most recent quarter, 11.5% of recipients received the minimum benefit, while 24.5% received the maximum.

Regarding the Paid Leave Oregon program, which will commence in September, the minimum weekly benefit will be $63.48, while the maximum will be $1,523.63

These figures correspond to 5% and 120% of the average weekly wage, respectively. The precise benefit amounts for employees will be calculated based on their average weekly earnings and the amount of leave taken. Generally, lower-wage workers can expect to receive a higher percentage of their regular wages compared to higher-wage earners.

The paid leave program was initially approved by the Oregon Legislature in 2019, with the starting dates for contributions and benefit payments extended in 2021. The Employment Department began collecting contributions on January 1, 2023 and will commence the first benefit payments on September 3.


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