Over 100 Migrant Households Resettled With $50,000 Budget Amidst Increasing Numbers Of Illegal Migrants In New York City

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More than 100 migrant households in New York City were resettled with the help of a $50,000 budget amidst the increasing numbers of illegal migrants in the city.

New York City migrants
More than 100 migrant households in New York City were resettled with a $50,000 budget. (Photo: CNN)

NYC Spends $50,000 to Resettle More Than 100 Migrant Households to Various States and Countries

With the increasing numbers of illegal immigrants in the city, NYC officials spent $50,000 to resettle over 100 migrant households to different states and out of the country.

According to Fox News, migrant households in need received assistance through transportation programs, which provided them with services and helped them resettle to other places, allowing them to start new lives away from discrimination.

During the resettlement efforts, NYC officials found out that all the migrant households had various destinations in mind and were seeking to go to different places, wherein some wanted to go to either warmer or colder states while others only wanted to find better places for their families.

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Resettling Hundreds of Migrant Households in New York City Receives Backlash from Individuals and Groups

Following the resettlement of more than 100 migrant households, other individuals and groups expressed opposition to funding illegal immigrants and claimed that officials only used them for political benefits.

However, officials denied the claims and stated they were willing to spend more as long as it would protect the city and help the migrant households who are in need of resettlement at the same time.

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