Parents of Colorado Man In Mental Distress Killed After Alleged Car Violation Will Receive $19 Million Settlement Pay

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The parents of the Colorado man in mental distress who was killed after an alleged car violation will expect a $19 million settlement payment.

Christian Glass
The parents of the Colorado man in mental distress who was killed inside his SUV will expect a $19 million settlement payment. (Photo: Newshub)

Colorado Man’s Parents Will Receive $19 Million Settlement Pay After His Wrongful Death

The family of a 22-year-old Colorado man named Christian Glass will receive $19 million in a settlement after his wrongful death at the hands of authorities who fatally shot him while he was experiencing mental distress inside his SUV.

The Colorado man was experiencing paranoia and hallucination when authorities forced him to get out of his SUV and started to smash his SUV’s window when he refused to, frightening the victim, who was later shot five times before his death.

The settlement payment worth $19 million is reportedly the largest payment so far for police-related killings in the state, PBS reported.

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Fatal Shooting of Colorado Man in Mental Distress Receives Criticism

The shooting incident that killed the Colorado man while experiencing mental distress received criticism, especially after people learned that he had no violations before his death.

Following his tragic death, the Colorado man’s family and other individuals claimed that authorities should undergo training on handling cases involving people in mental distress or with mental incapacity.

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