Pelham City To Consider Raising The Sales Tax


The Council of Pelham City will conduct a public hearing during a meeting on Aug. 7, 2023, to consider increasing a one-cent sales tax within Pelham City.

Pelham City To Consider Raising The Sales Tax
Pelham City To Consider Raising The Sales Tax (Photo: Shelby County Reporter)


All local retailers in Pelham City would be affected by the increased tax

Pelham City will consider implementing the one-cent sales tax increase. Pelham City will align with its peer cities

Pelham City increased its sales tax in 2013 when it was increased by 1 percent and provided funds for education. But Pelham City has not funded infrastructure since 2001 in Pelham City.

Now, the sales tax within Pelham City is 9 percent. Five percent of this is given to the state and Shelby County, and one percent is owed to Schools in Pelham City. The remaining three percent will be used in different projects throughout Pelham city.

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The new tax in Pelham City would not apply to food

The money increased by the one-cent cent tax raise in Pelham City will use to fund multi-year projects listed below.

  1. County Road 52 Railroad Flyover project
  2. Highway 261 widening project,
  3. Drainage improvements in Pelham City
  4. Addition of ambulance transport service in Pelham City
  5. Traffic signal upgrades across Pelham City
  6. IT infrastructure upgrades
  7. Investments across Pelham City Park complex
  8. Pelham City’s new pocket park
  9. Construction of a bridge
  10. Additional dog park
  11. Completion of the Pelham Greenway trail
  12. Ballantrae Golf Club Renovation
  13. Clubhouse reconfiguration at the Pelham City Racquet Club

Citizens in Pelham City are encouraged to support the new sales tax increase by attending the Pelham City Council Meeting on August 7, 2023.

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