Phillip Rumple’s Family Faces Impending Homelessness Due to Rental Scam

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Phillip Rumple, a recent arrival in Colorado, sought shelter by responding to a Craigslist listing for a 4-bedroom residence in Aurora.

Phillip Rumple's Family Faces Impending Homelessness
Phillip Rumple’s Family Faces Impending Homelessness ( Photo: Denver7 )

A distressing ordeal has left Phillip Rumple’s family on the brink of homelessness after a deceptive rental scheme emerged

He took exhaustive precautions to ensure the legitimacy of the transaction. Requesting proof of ownership, Phillip Rumple obtained documentation from the property management company Invitation Homes, affirming the property’s ownership. Rigorously conducting background and credit checks, he even personally visited the property with a real estate agent prior to finalizing the deal. Despite his diligence, the situation took an unexpected turn.

“We paid the application fee and the deposit. We signed the lease. It was wonderful. There was no red flag anywhere,” recounted Phillip Rumple. The sole concern arose when the alleged landlord insisted on an initial deposit via Cash App, which Phillip Rumple wisely refused, opting for the safer route of his business PayPal account.

Unbeknownst to Phillip Rumple, another victim, April, had encountered the same scam. She, too, possessed an identical lease from the same person.

The revelation unveiled a vast deception, with Invitation Homes confirming their continued ownership of the property

As the family navigated the consequences of this deceit, Phillip Rumple expressed frustration with Invitation Homes, who, while also victims, appeared uncooperative. Despite investing around $6,800 in the ruse through leasing fees, deposits, and moving costs, Phillip Rumple and his family were provided a mere 10-day ultimatum for evacuation to evade eviction.

Phillip Rumple’s plight struck a chord with the community, leading him to contact law enforcement and initiate a process of chargebacks through his bank. Concurrently, he established a GoFundMe campaign to help cover incurred expenses. CBS News Colorado has reached out to Invitation Homes for their perspective on the matter, with a response still pending.

The incident serves as a stark warning about the vulnerability of renters in today’s complex housing market. With Phillip Rumple grappling with impending homelessness, he remains determined to seek justice and prevent others from suffering the same fate.


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