Pilot Program Providing Psychiatric Help To Inmates In Travis County Jail To Be Launched


A pilot program to provide psychiatric help to several inmates will be launched in Travis County.

Travis County Jail inmates
A pilot program to provide psychiatric help to several inmates will be launched in Travis County. (Photo: The Texas Observer)

Mental Health Pilot Program Will Be Launched to Provide Psychiatric Help to Travis County Jail Inmates

A mental health pilot program will be launched to provide psychiatric help to several Travis County Jail inmates who are in need and suffering from mental health problems during their arrest or inside their jail cells.

Until the new mental health center facility is constructed, the pilot program to be launched will aim to give initial help to individuals who are seeking psychiatric help but was refused due to their crimes and conviction.

According to KVUE reports, there are several inmates from Travis County Jail who are on the waiting list to get help for their mental health crisis, and the pilot program will be there to help them.

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New Pilot Program Will Address Increasing Number of Inmates with Mental Health Problems

The new pilot program to be launched in Travis County will reportedly address the increasing number of inmates who are suffering from various mental health problems and provide them with the necessary help and support.

Following the introduction of the pilot program, there were already more than 800 inmates in Travis County Jail who had been identified with mental health problems, an evident high number of people who needed help from the pilot program.

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