Public Utility Commission of Texas Secures $181,717 in Refunds and Bill Credits for Consumers in Q3 2023


The Public Utility Commission of Texas has announced that it successfully obtained refunds and bill credits totaling $181,717.26 for customers during the third quarter of fiscal year 2023 (March to May 2023).

Public Utility Commission of Texas
Public Utility Commission of Texas ( Photo: Daily Energy Insider )

The Public Utility Commission of Texas, a regulatory agency responsible for overseeing electric, water, and telecommunications services

This achievement was made possible through the efforts of the agency’s Consumer Protection Division, which consists of a dedicated team of 23 employees. These individuals assisted a total of 2,819 consumers who had filed informal complaints related to billing or other issues within the three regulated industries.

Chris Burch, the director of the Consumer Protection Division, emphasized the agency’s commitment to safeguarding the interests of Texas consumers. He stated that the primary objective of the Public Utility Commission is to protect consumers, ensuring they receive dependable and affordable utility services. Burch further encouraged customers to first attempt to resolve any problems or complaints with their service providers directly. However, he emphasized that the division is readily available as a resource should customers require additional assistance.

The refunds and bill credits obtained by the agency during the third quarter of 2023 were further broken down by industry

The electric sector accounted for the largest portion, with $168,199.97 secured. The water industry saw refunds and credits totaling $4,052.95, while the telecommunications sector received $9,464.34 in reimbursements.

In addition to addressing billing concerns, the Consumer Protection Division also assisted customers dealing with utility disconnections and service refusals. Throughout the third quarter, the division received and handled a total of 7,593 calls from concerned customers.


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