Receive SSI? You’ll receive another payment the following week- This is Why

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Recipients of Supplemental Security Income typically get their payouts on the same day every month. However, some exclusions may affect the timing of a check. Individuals who get SSI, for example, get 2 payments in September. Below, we’ll explain.

We’ll mention the dates you can anticipate receiving the funds for the remainder of the year if you’ve recently begun receiving benefits or intend to apply for SSI soon. For more information, see how to qualify for your state’s TANF program and the kid’s Social Security.

The Social Security Administration typically issues SSI payments on the first day of every month. The payment plan does have a few exceptions, though.

1. If a holiday falls on the first of the month.
2. If the month’s beginning falls on a weekend.

This year, Oct. 1 comes on a Sunday, so October payouts will arrive a few days early. This implies that you will not get a payment in October and that your October payment is scheduled to arrive on Friday, Sept. 29.

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