Record-breaking Pay Increase Marks Milestone in Nevada History for State Police, Boosting Recruitment and Retention


Nevada State Police has experienced a significant boost in its efforts to retain highway patrol troopers and other state police officers with the implementation of a Nevada history pay increase.

Record-breaking Pay Increase Marks Milestone in Nevada History
Record-breaking Pay Increase Marks Milestone in Nevada History ( Photo: KSNV )

The agency recently received a salary raise of 23 percent, marking the highest single salary increase in Nevada history

According to Dan Gordon, the president of the Nevada Police Union, this pay hike, which came into effect last Saturday, has already yielded positive results in terms of attracting new recruits to join the Nevada Highway Patrol, the largest agency within the state police.

Since 2018, the state has been grappling with the challenge of retaining its highway patrol troopers, who have been leaving in large numbers for better-paying police positions elsewhere. However, Gordon noted that the recent salary increase has influenced many officers to reconsider their decision to leave. While it is still early to determine the full impact, Gordon stated that numerous officers have expressed that the pay raise has played a significant role in their choice to remain with the state police in Nevada history.

The increase in salary in Nevada history, amounting to 23 percent this year, was made possible by AB 522, a legislation passed by the Legislature in May and signed by Governor Lombardo. This raise is the highest in Nevada’s history of the state police, elevating the starting annual pay for new troopers to approximately $60,000, compared to the range of $46,666 to $53,598 in 2022. The wage gap between state police and their counterparts in other law enforcement agencies in Southern Nevada had been widening, but this raise brings the state police much closer to achieving parity with other agencies.

The new law not only focuses on better compensation but also introduces additional benefits for state troopers and patrol and probation officers. They are now allowed to drive state-issued vehicles to and from their residences, effectively commencing and concluding their shifts from their driveways. Furthermore, the annual state allowance for uniforms and equipment has been increased to $1,400, and troopers specializing in areas such as motorcycle and K-9 units will receive extra pay raises of 10 percent in Nevada history.

In a promising development in Nevada history, the legislation provides for another 11 percent pay increase for state police in 2024, bringing the total pay hike over one year to 34 percent

These measures come as a relief for the state police and its union, which represents 900 troopers and various other officers in Nevada history. In recent years, the agency has faced a high turnover rate, with officers leaving for better-paying positions in neighboring police departments and school district police. However, with the improved salaries and added incentives, such as take-home cars, neighboring police agencies have shown interest in joining the state police in Nevada history.

The positive impact of the salary increase was evident during a recent recruitment drive in northern Nevada, where nearly 50 prospective applicants showed up, compared to the usual five or six in previous events in Nevada history. This indicates that the pending pay bump has sparked increased interest in joining the state police. Overall, these recent changes are expected to significantly contribute to the retention of troopers and officers within the Nevada State Police, marking a new chapter in Nevada history.


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