Sacramento Offers Rebates for Energy- and Water-Efficient Home Upgrades

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The rebates range from $100 to $3,000 for single-family homes and are outlined on the city and SMUD websites.

Sacramento Offers Rebates
Sacramento Offers Rebates ( Photo: The US Sun )

Residents of Sacramento can now receive rebates from the city and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District for making energy- and water-efficient upgrades to their homes

SMUD is offering a rebate for those who switch to an induction cooktop, which is more energy efficient and produces fewer harmful pollutants than traditional gas stoves. Induction stoves are also 10% more efficient than gas stoves since they only create heat when a pan is placed on the surface.

To qualify, customers must install an electrical cooktop that measures at least 24 inches, and they can receive a rebate of up to $750 depending on the type of stove they currently have. Proof of upgrade and pre- and post-installation photos will be required for the rebate application.

The city of Sacramento is also offering rebates to help customers save water

Single-family homes can receive a rebate of up to $3,000 for switching to a drought-tolerant landscape, while multi-family residences with three or more units can receive rebates of up to $50,000. Customers can also receive up to $150 for installing a rain barrel or up to $100 for installing a laundry-to-landscape system. Applications for each rebate can be found on the city’s website, and general requirements, such as being a City of Sacramento water customer and obtaining approval from the property owner, apply to all posted rebates.

It is important to note that some rebates will require pre-qualification and approval from Water Conservation Staff, and the work must be completed within the allotted time frame to receive the rebate. The rebate process can take up to 90 days after a city inspection.


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