Savings of Americans on the verge of being destroyed by inflation as the US urgently attempts to pay its debts: Arthur Hayes

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The creator of BitMEX, an expert in the cryptocurrency industry, claims that Americans are about to see a surge of inflation that would badly harm their investments.

According to a recent blog post by Hayes, when the US loses control over the world’s economic growth, the stock market would balkanize into multiple blocs as opposed to making room for a new hegemony.

According to Hayes, the government would go to considerable pains to stop the capital flow to cryptocurrencies and various other investments as the dollar’s power in international trade declines.

“The West can’t permit a widespread outflow of capital through its financial markets to cryptocurrency or international stock and bonds markets. They require readers like you as exits liquidity. The massive debts that have been amassed during World War II have to be repaid and now is the moment for inflation to destroy your savings. The US dollar’s status as the world’s primary currency would undoubtedly expire as a result of a capital flight.

As I said before, the West finds it difficult to enforce harsh capital restrictions since its kind of capitalism requires an open capital account.

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