Second $914 check is due in days, but millions won’t receive it in July according to Social Security Supplemental Income 2023 changes


The initial business day before the 1st of the month in that situation is when beneficiaries are paid.

This year, the average federal SSI payment rate is $914 for a single person and $1,371 for a couple; however, numerous states also choose to increase these rates.

After June 30, the following SSI check will be issued on August 1.

Despite Medicare, Medicaid provides access to healthcare at a reduced cost or, in expected cases, for free, depending on your income.

Every state manages Medicaid; thus, there are different eligibility standards.

You must renew for Medicaid every year, and every state’s Medicaid program may go by a different name.

Children, expectant mothers, elderly individuals, people with impairments, and qualifying low-income adults are often covered by Medicaid.

There are some options for those wishing to apply to the program.

Several paper enrollment forms that consumers can print off, fill out, and mail in.

Calling 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) is an additional option.

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